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The well-known billionaire investor Carl Icahn made a significant move in the third quarter. He sold all 46.3 million eBay shares he owned and bought an equal number of shares in PayPal, according to filings at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This act does not come as a complete surprise, as Icahn has previously voiced his displeasure of eBay. He accused the company of widespread incompetence in its corporate governance in an open letter last year. Further, he urged a complete spinoff of PayPal, which he claimed couldn’t be managed adequately by eBay with competing interests present in the board of directors. With the PayPal spinoff complete, Icahn went ahead with the swap. His stake is now worth about $1.65 billion.

Icahn has performed similar actions in the past, becoming notorious for buying up large stakes in companies and putting pressure on their boards to make sweeping changes. He considers himself an “activist investor” who acts in the best interest of shareholders.

Education Management Corp, a company that runs trade schools and colleges throughout the United States and Canada, will pay $95.5 million to settle a claim that the company used illegal recruiting tactics to obtain students. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company was accused of illegally paying recruiters to target low income students who were eligible for federal educational funds. They were also accused of misrepresenting their ability to place students in careers related to their programs of study. The company will forgive $102.8 million in loans to more than 80,000 former students as part of the settlement.

The lawsuit claimed that Education Management Corp used an illegal incentive based payment structure. It also alleges that recruiters and school officials were aware that many of the students they enrolled would not be able to successfully complete the programs. Most of the company’s income is from federal student aid funds.

The lawsuit, which involved the Justice Department as well as the District Attorneys for 12 states and the District of Columbia, did not require the corporation to admit any wrong doing. However, the educational company will now be required to provide every applicant with a simple and easy to understand one page document outlining the program’s costs and accurate job placement statistics. Future students will have the option of withdrawing, tuition free, within 7 days if they attend an onsite campus. Online students will be given 21 days. The Justice Department originally sought to have the company return $11 billion in state and federal aide funds it received since 2003.

Education Management Corp operates 110 schools. The Art Institutes and Argosy University are two of their more popular schools. The company withdrew it’s stock from the Nasdaq index in 2014, citing the heavy burden of regulatory costs. The stock was valued at over $20 per share in 2011, when the case records were made public. At the time the settlement was announced, the stock was valued at less than $.08 per share.

There are two sides to this story and both of them work the same way when it comes to generating a profit from an online business. The biggest fact is cost control and cost reduction.

As everyone and see, a lot of companies started to focus their attention on the online environment and the opportunity to conduct their operations in the virtual world. This saves money on office space, equipment and staff. Tools have been developed to help shift things to an online way of doing business. We see now how companies are started with just a few thousands of dollars. We have large ventures that sell storage space, manufacturing capabilities and even tools to help setup a store of a virtual office.

The second side of things is the fact that people spend less and less time going out to a brick and mortar shop to buy things or services. It is much more convenient to do things online and have them shipped to a specific address. This degree of convenience has been noticed by all companies and everyone is focusing on expanding their online business to attract more sales, gain new customers and build a reputable brand name.

Every country is experiencing economic downtown while the political stability is still questionable. All these factors will impact on the purchase of business jets starting early next year. In a survey done by the Honeywell International Inc, the sale of new jets is most likely going to fall to less than 10% in the year 2016. This negativity on the sales of business jets is seen as a reverse of the recent gains that was seen to the slowly reviving market.

The research done shows that there are many current unsettled conditions in every continent. This is forcing people and Multi Corporation to respond in a wait and see fashion. This is replicated in the purchase of businesses jets as companies are pushing the purchase to see if the market will stabilize. With this wait and see response, it impacts on the companies order and delivery of jets.

The findings come from a research of 1500 non-fractional jet buyers also showed an expectation of 625 to a new 725 purchases and delivery of jets in 2015, which is a small rise from 2014 that recorded 692 sales.

New gains

The increase in the acquisition of new business jets in 2015 has come because there is a shoot in the new Super size models, seen from the Bombardier Inc, General Dynamics, Unit Gulfstream and the Embraer. The manufacturers have also released new Cessna Jets, a medium plane that is effective in doing business.

The research also showed that the world market has the potential to buy 9200 business planes at a value of $270billion in the next coming 10 years. This is a fall from the previous 9450 jets totaling $280 billion forecasted last year. According to research done, the sales slowdown will not prompt it to reduce capacity because the slow sales are modest.

According to the lead researcher for business jets sale, it is expected that the sales will be constant, or grow at a small percentage in the year 2017, then followed by increased growth in the year 2018.

The reduced sales arise from slower economies in different emerging markets. An expected rise in the sales of business jets to fractional plane companies will reduce the decline. Besides, many companies buying the passenger planes are crossing their fingers waiting for new models to be released in the coming two years.

The purchases done by the Latin American countries are expected to remain average despite their weakening economies such as in Brazil. In European nations, North America and Asia, the sales are expected to remain flat. High valued buyers such AS China and Russia, though they buy more cannot fill the deficit.

Some companies, instead of buying, plan to upgrade the existing aircraft through cabin improvements, avionics and connection via satellite.